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The story of BabyFaced Skincare

Hey there, 

I am Jada the founder of BabyFaced Skincare.

For a long time I struggled to find skincare products that had an ingredients list that I was able to understand. I did not like the idea of putting products on my skin that were full of chemicals.

So with hours and hours of research I was able to formulate skincare that was safe for your skin and gives great results. And I thought why not share these products with the rest of the world! And thus the creation of BabyFaced Skincare. So join us on our journey to better and natural skincare. 

We use as minimal and simple ingredients in our skincare recipes. Making a formula with dozens of ingredients and preservatives is easy. Making completely natural skincare from a few key ingredients, takes time & commitment.

That commitment has paid off and has resulted in a safe, effective and sustainable skincare range for everyone to enjoy. Most of all, your skin.

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