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IPv6ScopeFinder is a software utility that displays the scope IDs of all your network interfaces, necessary to send packets to the corresponding local IP address via IPv6. It shows other details as well.The scope ID represented a unique IPv6 number assigned for the network adapter. However, you should keep in mind that interfaces with the number zero cannot be used.Hassle-free installation and user-friendly GUIInstalling this tool takes minimal time and effort, thanks to the familiar wizard steps. When it comes to the GUI, IPv6ScopeFinder adopts a large window with a neatly organized structure that shows all network connections at startup, giving you the possibility to study their information.Apart from the scope ID, you can check out the status, type, IPv6 link local and global (preferred lifetime, valid lifetime), IPv4 address, interface name, and description of each item in the list.Analyze and export network infoThere are several color codes available: blue for scope IDs, green for active connections, red for inactive ones, and yellow for loopback. The details of one or more selected entries can be copied to the Clipboard by opening the right-click menu, printed, or exported to HTML format or tab-delimited TXT or CSV format. There are also options for selecting all objects in the list, as well as for refreshing displayed information.Evaluation and conclusionWe haven't come across any compatibility issues in our tests, as the program didn't hang, crash or prompt error messages. It didn't put a strain on the computer's performance, as it required minimum system resources to work properly. Help documentation is available for inexperienced users.Q:Google app engine - setting the label dynamicallyI have an application that is deployed to Google app engine that uses the REST API to make requests.I have classes like:class MyLabel(CustomUserStringProperty): def __init__(self, label, site, entity, size=35): super(MyLabel, self).__init__(label, site, entity, size) @property def short_description(self): return _("My Label") @short_description.setter def short_description(self, label): 08929e5ed8

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